The performance Close touches on what is most important to us. Feelings of security, community and a tender presence of another person.

Closeness to another person has a huge impact on our lives. Getting too close can be aggressive whilst being too far can be cool and careless. However, we never remain indifferent to the closeness of another human being, no matter who is it. The performance CLOSE is a search for the various qualities of closeness. These are shaped by individual needs, but also by the particular moment we approach someone. Time – measured in the performance by the pendulum and the music synchronized with its movement – is our key tool that shapes the choreography and the relationships between the performers embedded in it.

The show develops the experience and research started while working on Martyna Jagodyńska’s monodrama “e-presence”, in which, together with Tomek Ciesielski, she explored the relationships that can be created between humans and artificial intelligence.

Performance is created in collaboration between Newer Theatre, Lubelski Dance Theatre, Kielecki Dance Theatre and University of Łódź.


Tomek Ciesielski in close co-operation with the dancers:

  • Natalia Kladziwa,
  • Paweł Urbanowicz,
  • Radosław Lis,
  • Katarzyna Leszek.


  • Kuba Pałys


  • Nikola Fedak


  • Joanna Stasina