This is a banal story of searching for an individual sustainable development. Narratively structured improvisation on dance and family. Both of them require investments, which are not easy to balance. Thus I invite you to a join me on a short meeting about life calculations. Maybe we will come up with some new solutions? Let’s take it easy there is no pressure. There is just love. 

„Dance, My love” used to be performed together with my father and brother. That however put way to much pressure or them and our relations. Therefore now the performance is done in improvisation with the audience. The audience members are asked to become members of my family and perform with me. Behind us the presentation shows graphs resembling proper business charts. These however are showing the levels of subsidy (love), in-kind contribution (my work) and qualitative effects (the art) which are present in particular moments. The charts create also all the lightning of the show. 


Tomasz Ciesielski


Jakub Pałys