Nowadays dance is a phenomenon which is just as much diverse as it is ambiguous. It interfuses with theatre, performance and visual arts, but at the same time it does not replace any of these forms. As a result, we get performative events that go under the same name but require totally different competences and sensitivity. What does dance signify today? This question concerns not only its contemporary definition but also the meaning of dance in culture.

The project encompasses meetings, choreographical games, workshops and a mini multimedia library with films and books prepared by C/U in collaboration with a Brussels-based organization ABC – Art Basics for Children. The events will help us to find our own answers to the question about the significance of dance. Everyone is welcome to come and act on his/her own or use a map. There are no limits here.


Fundacja Ciało/Umysł


Nowy Teatr


Edyta Kozak


Tomasz Ciesielski

Educators and game developers:

  • Maja Molska
  • Tomasz Ciesielski