The Odyssey project is not only a reference to the theme of Odysseus’ journey from Homer. It is also an artistic path from mythological chaos to Kubrick’s poetry of the cosmos. A look into a world that has gone “out of joint”, arousing in Hamlet the need to fix it.

Although the modern world is open to us, we set out on a journey less and less often. A journey, which is not only an adventure, but also a path of inner transformation. Today we can fly to the end of the world or even join a Mount Everest tour, but that doesn’t mean we are crossing any personal limits. We only experience the illusion of a rite of passage, which we are happy to reinforce with epic coverage on social media. The essence of the journey is what’s on the way. It is shaking off youthful ideals and finding the meaning of life – your Ithaca.

We invite viewers to the place where the journey begins or ends. At the railway station – between train arrivals and departures – we will experience the journey together at various moments: just before “departure”, in the moment of doubt and in the maturing process – ritual “death to new life”. Each participant will receive a headset that will be a gateway to the intimate world created by the performers and inaccessible to random passers-by. Through the language of theater and dance, we will investigate to what extent the archetype of homo viator – a man on the move is valid for the contemporary European.

Performance is created as a part of the artistic program of International Symposium “Laboratory of Dance/Dance as a Vantage Point” co-organized by University of Lodz (Department of Journalism and Social Communication), Institute of Music and Dance, Academy of Music in Łódź, Polish Association for Creative Strategies.


Tomek Ciesielski in close co-operation with the dancers:

  • Natalia Kladziwa,
  • Paweł Urbanowicz,
  • Oscar Mafa.


  • Sean Palmer and Kuba Pałys


  • Joanna Stasina

Costume design:

  • DK Damian Kretschmer