Sense-Action is a sensory experience that begs participants to question their notions of memory creation and recollection. Fragments of memories selected from archival material concerning the Litzmanstadt Ghetto (diaries of Lolek Lubinsky and David Sierakowski) are dissected. In the specific conditions of intensified perception an attempt to incarnate/embody them into the present is undertaken. To be a participant in this event one must agree to the physically oppressive experience of reliving a history in order to access its parts through his or her own hearing, smell and touch. The further we go in taking the risk of touching somebody else’s history, the closer we get. 

Participants are expected to withstand the uncertainty of being dependent on senses other than sight and be ready for the surprising meeting on “the other side” – when they must take care of somebody else’s memories. “Sense-Action” then becomes not only about recalling memories, but above all the willingness to take the risk of entering into a new relationship, which is tested in the honesty of a physical meeting revealing how far we are ready to trust and how trustworthy we are ourselves. 

Concept and choreography:

Tomek Ciesielski


Jakub Pałys


  • Tomasz Ciesielski,
  • Jakub Pałys,
  • Ilona Gumowska,
  • Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska, 
  • the Audience.

Produced by:

Theatre CHOREA and Topografie Association within the framework of “Memory Project” curated by Marta Madejska and Robin Levy.